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"It is believed that cider has been made here since 13th Century. The farm is in the right location for a traditional Cornish cider farm. It is near the banks of the Fowey and Polruan Creek, the next major valley along from the Tamar. The link between these valleys and the possibility of export to London or for ships crews was probably a key part of the Cornish Cider tradition".

   (extract from In Search of Cider)
For 800 years Haye has been a traditional beef and sheep farm that happened to make cider. Now we are a cider farm that happens to keep a few sheep. 
The sheep help with meadow and grassland management to ensure maximise benefit for wildlife as we continue to put nature and the environment at the heart of everything we do. As part of this our orchard management Dr Andrew Ormerod has been helping to identify over 40 different varieties of apples including many local varieties and one or two unique to the farm itself such as the Haye Farm Special. 
In addition, we have been expanding the orchards and planting more traditional, mainly Cornish, varieties including Bens Red, Captain Broad, Colleget Pippin, Dufflin, Haye Farm Special, Hockings Green, Lord of the Isles, Tregonna King and Cornish Aromatic.