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Haye Farm Cider is a small family-run business which is probably the oldest maker of traditional cider in the world, with cider being produced on the farm since the 13th Century using apples from its own orchard.   

Please forgive the repetition, nothing we write can begin to capture over 800 years of history and tradition.  

"It is believed that the name Haye derives from the Old English Gehaeg meaning “enclosure”. As well as the orchards, the farm contains attractively named fields such as Bosonthers, Nanjulan Hackney, Corner-by-Prinzey and Polrose, Queen Park and Bull Sag (which probably derives from the Cornish, Pol Segh, meaning dry pool)". 
(From 'A History of St. Veep Church & Parish including Lerryn' 
by Andrew Foot (1986)). 

As with many farms the names of the fields have evolved over the generations and now include names such as Bramble Park, Rose Down, Wood Field, Bew Town, Haye Orchard and Moor Park Orchard.   

In short, Haye Farm is steeped in a long and proud farming and cider-making history. Very Cornish, equally unique.