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Our journey is made all the more enjoyable by the people that are and have been involved in the Farm. As with any business, we do not operate in isolation, and instead rely on the support and inspiration from many of our friends and partners.  

Although we have an incredible history, in many ways we are novices. Certainly 800 years ago farmers were not concerned with computers, and it is fair to say that even now we would prefer to be in the fields rather than at a keyboard. We are therefore extremely grateful for the guidance and inspiration that Jack Jones (of Jones & Co Design ) has given us. Jack has been instrumental in helping capture our unique Cornish history whilst bringing us into the 21st Century.   
Equally of course, we rely on our customers, and while we hope that over time we will have too many customers to name individually, we would at least like to thank some cornerstone customers that have been supporting the farm for a number of years. Please see 'outlets' on the Cider page for details.  
·  Sir Tim Smit. Sir Tim needs no introduction. Famous for his pioneering work on the Lost Gardens of Heligan and the Eden Project, Sir Tim has been extremely supportive, not only encouraging us, but also giving valuable advice and guidance. 
·  Ray and Moth Winn. Whilst we have one of the oldest orchards in the Country, which requires love and attention, we have been increasing our orchards to ensure its continued health and viability. Ray and Moth are the unsung heroes behind the hard work.
So while we are proud of our incredible history, we are even more excited about the future. A future we look forward to with our cider glass half full!