Of course, having a quite unique history and story is one thing. Respecting this and upholding the traditions are another. These traditions have been defended over the last 800 years by many generations at Haye Farm. Consequently, Bill and Anna are extremely proud to be now holding the “Cider Cup”.   
Bill enjoys being both a “town” and “country” mouse and is passionate about farming and the countryside. Bill's love of farming lead him to Haye in 2011. Bill’s side of the family are all West Country farmers and have been for many many generations. Sam Inch of Inch’s cider approached Bill’s great grandfather for his very first apples just after the First World War. Consequently, Bill is extremely proud to have joined the “Cider Cup” and views his role as one of "guardianship". Bill is dedicated to preserving Haye’s unique history while building a sustainable farming and cider business with total commitment to transparency & traceability. Guaranteeing authenticity, provenance, sustainability & quality.