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Haye Farm Cider is very proud of its unique history and orchards which date back to the time of the Magna Carta.  

We have over 40 types of apple in the orchard (some types remain unidentified by pomologists) including our very own “Haye Farm Special" apple. 

Details of some of the apples at Haye Farm are detailed in ‘A Cornish Pomona’ by James Evans and Mary Martin.   
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Cider apple varieties are divided into
categories according to the relative proportion of acidity and tannin:

SWEET varieties are the blandest of the four categories, being low in both components. They are useful to blend with ciders from the more strongly flavoured varieties, which, by themselves, would be too extreme in taste and aroma to be palatable. Typical examples of sweet apples are
Sweet Coppin, in use to a small extent, and Court Royal, which was used extensively at one time but rarely used nowadays.

BITTERSWEET apples impart the
characteristic flavour of English ciders;
as the name implies they are low in acid and high in tannin.