“Cider has been made here on the farm since the 13th century using only apples from the farm and neighbouring orchards. They have over 40 different types of apple, some of which are particular to Haye Farm itself. Their cider is of high quality and very traditional, still pressed through straw, using wild yeasts and wooden barrels.” 

   (extract from ‘Ciderland’ 2008)
“Haye Farm is the holy grail of cider makers..."
   (extract from ‘In Search of Cider’ by Alan Stone)
                         Farm Update
 A lot has changed since the first cider was made on the farm back in the early 13th Century and no doubt a lot will change in the future. Certainly, we are excited to be making some changes at the farm which will result in Open Days and Community Cider Making. Not to mention our very own Wassailing.
Ahead of this, we have closed our doors to the public other than by invitation, but please be rest-assured that we are continuing to make the cider which is also being distilled into Gin as part of the Smuggled from Cornwall range of spirits.
In the meantime, thank you for your interest in Haye Farm Cider. 
                            All the best and Haye ho! 
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Just posted a photo @ Saint Veep, Cornwall, United Kingdom
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Cider orbs!
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